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On-site Experience in 26 states and counting!

Consulting & Analysis

With more than 17 years of BHPH-specific experience across 26 states, our expertise is unrivaled. From launching to exiting, we've seen it all! 

Performance Reporting

Do you know how your BHPH portfolio is performing? Can you easily forecast your operations cash flow? Let us help! Ask us about QuinTrix - our unique method of measuring and reporting BHPH results. 

BHPH Full-Service Launch Packages

Like your favorite Mexican food joint, we offer 'a la carte' options or the whole enchilada. Some of our most successful clients were NOT car dealers when we set them up in BHPH. 


Contact us for a training schedule or to receive a quote for customized training in virtually any aspect of BHPH - at our site or yours.

Business Planning & Forecasting

Typically starting as low as $750, our business planning services are hard to beat! Our proprietary profit and cash flow planning tools do the heavy lifting. Expert guidance and forecasting profits, capital requirements, etc. Wondering about a Related Finance Company? We can toggle it on and off to quickly show you the benefit.


After more than 20 years in auto finance and having owned a BHPH dealership for 7 years, we know all the ways to fund an operation, even from the startup stage. Let us connect you!