We have a Buy Here Pay Here operation in Enid Oklahoma. I contacted Jim to do an evaluation of our operations and I can tell you I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and his professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim to anyone looking for assistance with their operation.
I have been working with Jim for over 3 years and he has really helped our business in a number of different ways. Highly recommend.
Jim has helped us exponentially! Money well spent. They offer great services at fair prices. After our first session, Jim had opened my eyes to a lot of information that we overlooked as we prepare to start our business. Highly recommended for anyone looking for high quality consulting.
Jim is an experienced consultant who truly understands the car business. He has provided some great analytics which provides insights that some guys may not consider. I would definitely recommend his group.
Jim is very knowledgeable and a great trainer/consultant. Highly recommend his services.
Following the business model that Jim helped us to develop, we have grown from an idea to over 800 active paying accounts in two short years. I believe [our partnership’s] decision to use BHPH Consulting gave us a huge advantage on other BHPH’s in our area. I believe we are the fastest growing used car business in Utah! I would describe [Octane Group]’s start up package as the best way to keep from making the big mistakes, in our day to day decisions we have made our share of small mistakes but our understanding of surviving long term from Jim Rhoads has prevented us from making irreversible mistakes. Jim Rhoads and [The Octane Group] met and exceeded all of our expectations. If you are looking to start a BHPH business, [TOG] is your best choice. I strongly recommend anyone considering BHPH follow Jim’s example and advice to achieve success.
Purchasing the consulting package was a great decision. The package definitely met our expectations. Starting with the right business model and learning the collections aspect were the most valuable parts to me. Jim is honest, forthright, and knowledgeable. He is always concerned about doing what he says he’ll do and trying to provide value. It is very important to consider what [The Octane Group] offers in the way of training and consulting before you even start your BHPH operation! I am glad that I found Jim and [TOG] to help us start on the right track.
Hiring [The Octane Group] has been a great decision. Not sure if I could have ever put the whole concept of BHPH into action without a “go to” person for critical answers. A person could spend years developing the protocols and paperwork flow that [TOG] helped us implement from day one. The level of service and support has been exceptional. With Jim’s help, we started our BHPH operation without any prior car business experience. By relying on his years of experience, it is already clear that we have avoided many of the common pitfalls that new BHPH dealers could encounter.