Here's just a small sampling of what we offer

Full BHPH Launch

Avoid the costly mistakes. Octane’s launch packages are the whole enchilada! We often say it is easier to share the short list of what we don’t do in a full-service “roll up our sleeves” launch engagement. It starts with training and market education – understanding the customers you’ll serve. We then teach dealers and managers to implement proven policies and procedures – a total system with tools, documents, manuals and other materials. From facility and software setup to purchasing and merchandising to pricing and sales process to underwriting and closing to collections and repossession training, even accounting support, performance reporting and ongoing coaching. Assistance with hiring, job descriptions and pay plans is also included. Plus, we coordinate high-level implementations such as related finance companies (RFCs) and reinsurance. Think of anything you might need to open a BHPH operation … it’s probably included in Octane’s launch package! Our references will confirm that we know Buy Here Pay Here setup frontwards and backwards.

RFC Setup
Growth Planning & Forecasting

Octane’s BHPH modeling is the first step toward turning an idea into a funded and cash-generating business! Our proprietary profit and cash flow planning tools do the heavy lifting and produce highly customized projections that serve as the key financial modeling in a BHPH business plan. Typically via virtual meetings, we supply expert guidance on forecasting profits, cash-flow breakeven, capital requirements, etc. Easily see the impact of adjusting volume year over year. Wondering about the benefits of a Related Finance Company? We can toggle it on and off to quickly show why most choose to add the RFC.


In Buy Here Pay Here, your portfolio of contracts is your largest and most important asset. Do you know how well your BHPH portfolio is performing compared to industry standards? Our method of tracking efficiency in collections is must-have for many dealers and the best driver for a great bonus plan. There is tremendous value in having a 3rd party such as Octane to monitor and report KPIs. Put our experience to work in tracking trends and forecasting profits, collections, and cash flow! Schedule a demo of TruPerformance – our 5-star method of measuring and reporting BHPH results.


Our experience allows us to tailor training to most any need. We train dealer and managers on buying, inventory reconditioning, pricing and sales, underwriting and closing, and collections. BHPH collections training is our forte. Octane’s clients enjoy incredibly high efficiency in collections! Contact us for a training schedule or to receive a quote for customized training in virtually any aspect of BHPH – at our site or yours.


The Octane Group know all the ways to fund an operation, even from the startup stage. Be it friends and family, angel investors, or banks, we know the smart ways to mitigate BHPH risk and structure funding for all involved. Put us to work on your behalf!